A former boxer. Environmental activist sisters. A teacher who evokes shamans of centuries past. A surfer. A war veteran who found yoga (and mala beads!). A teacher who has devoted her life to championing the rights of others. These are a few of the people gracing Issue 4: Warrior, and we're stoked to share their wisdom--and overall awesomeness--with you!

You might also notice something a little different about The Warrior Issue: videos. There are five of them in here! Because we believe strongly that ideas and stories are often best told when they can evoke a feeling, we're taking Yoke Quarterly towards a more multimedia direction so that you, our readers (viewers?) can enter each little world within our themed issues and leave them feeling more immersed and--we hope--just a little more full of wonder at the gorgeous and vast world that is yoga.

This fourth issue's themes are, as you may guess, about virabhadrasana poses. It's also about ideas related to what it means to be a warrior: discipline, strength, empowerment, and activism, in ways big and small. In this issue, you'll find an at-home flow designed to stoke the inner fires through dynamic, deep, and slow movement; an interview with the wonderful Seane Corn; a big dose of poetic inspiration through word, movement, and sound; a gorgeous long read on personal empowerment by our resident long-form contributing editor; an asana breakdown on a pose we practice all the time but may never really think about; a guided meditation to empower the self...and for reading all the way to the end, you get a delicious vegan-friendly muffin recipe that's perfect for the colder months.

Dive in! See you on the other side...


Jill, Vanessa, Aaron, and Audra

Images by Jill Damatac Futter