Flow, breathe, flow, breathe. When was the last time you truly paid attention to your Warrior II ? London-based Jivamukti teacher Luis Valentine walks us through the essentials of this foundational pose. You may want to warrior along as he demonstrates... 

Demonstration: Luis Valentine  // Video: Jill Damatac Futter


Luis is a 300 Hour Certified Jivamukti Teacher and also a classically trained actor. It was in 2007, whilst at drama school that Luis first found yoga asana practice, as a way to support his movement and dance training. He discovered the Jivamukti method in 2011 through a dear friend and has focused on this method ever since. Luis felt like he had discovered a wonderful secret; he felt so aligned with the practice and everything about it resonated deeply with him and he felt a strong sense of ‘coming home’.

The yoga practices have transformed Luis on so many levels that he feels a strong sense of responsibility to share and it was this, which initially inspired and continues to inspire him to teach. Luis hopes that students go beyond… and take something from the practice off of the mat and out with them into the larger yoga studio of the world. Luis would like to express his deep gratitude to his teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life for their training and inspiration and Emma Henry for her continued teaching, support and mentorship. 

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