A former boxer and marathon runner, London-based teacher Adam Husler now finds his groove through yoga, practicing and teaching a dynamic, slow-flowing, breath-oriented style that focuses the mind in a way that only yoga can. In this issue's at-home flow, Adam gives us a tapas-stoking, 20-minute session in the Budokon yoga style. Bring your breath, your patience, and your focus...

Sequencing, demonstration, voiceover: Adam Husler // Video: Jill Damatac Futter

Level: 2, with modifications for level 3 // Optional props: blocks


With experience getting punched in the boxing ring, sweating on the ultra marathon road, channeling his inner Chuck Norris in dojos and getting lost trekking the world, Adam undoubtably brings a unique perspective to his yoga teaching. Through a fusion of traditional yoga styles with alignment-based vinyasa yoga, martial arts and modern dynamic movements. Adam brings his enthusiasm and knowledge to every session (even the 6 a.m. classes!) aiming to give you an invigorating, sweaty practice where you'll encounter some mental and physical obstacles, take them down (or at least make a dent!) and then leave the studio with a smile. Adam uses his diverse background and understanding of the body, to give you a strong, smooth flowing class, where breath, body and mind, linked through deep postures, are slowly explored with anatomical precision and intelligent alignment, all while building heat and strength in the body.

Find Adam's classes on his website and join him on Facebook and Instagram.