Finally, it's here: The Open Issue. We've been away for a little while--Vanessa wrapping up her 200-hour teacher training earlier this year, and Jill slowly easing into London and life away from New York--and it feels pretty great to be back.

In this third outing, our teachers explore the idea of openness: in our bodies, our minds and hearts, and in our actions: backbends, compassion (karuna), and service (seva) are what shape this issue. With Leila Sadeghee, the phrase "opening the heart" becomes a literal and beautifully metaphysical concept, while Keri Setaro guides a meditation on sharing the best of our inner selves as a form of compassion. Jessie Stinnett gives us a heart- and hip-opening flow to start the day, and Aaron Dias returns with the second installment of her long-form writings on the Yoga Sutras.

We check out what it means to be open when it comes to community, too. Teacher Amanda Harding sits down with Vanessa to talk about seva and compassion, while Jill catches up with the founder of Boys of Yoga. We bring things home with an awesome yoga nonprofit in London that focuses on migrants who are victims of domestic violence and human trafficking (hey, you can help!)...and for reading through all of Issue 3, you get a delicious vegan/vegetarian meringue for dessert!

Last, but not least: the Yoke Quarterly editorial team has just doubled in size! We're stoked to welcome teacher Aaron Dias and yogini Audra Rhodes as Contributing Editors. More fun for us, and even better content for you. Happy reading!



Images by Woody Nitibhon