Hi, and welcome to The Balance Issue! In this outing, we explore facets of yoga through the lens of equanimity and the search for that ever-elusive sweet spot. 

We came upon this issue's theme by way of the state of our own lives, which were--and still are--in a state of dizzying flux.  Vanessa, our contributor-at-large and co-founder, is in the midst of her 200-hour teacher training, ending in a few weeks, while I'm winding down a vibrant freshman 2014 wedding photography season to move from New York to London, also in a few weeks, in a semi-organized and slightly haphazard manner.

Yeah, it's a lot. But we're willing to bet (and it's an easy bet) that most of us can often feel overwhelmed or moved off-kilter by the push and pull of, well, everything...especially with the holidays coming around. So, we asked ourselves: what would our favorite yoga teachers and yogi friends do?

This issue is their collective answer--rife with inspiration from a blog we love and some friends we admire; full of awareness through an intelligent asana breakdown by Elaine O'Brien, a dynamically spacious at-home vinyasa flow with Amanda Harding, and a balancing guided meditation by Aaron Dias. In this issue, we're so excited to begin a multi-part, long-form philosophical series of essays on the four kinds of love and how to cultivate each, also created by the lovely Aaron Dias.  A treat from teacher and energy therapist Joanne Silver follows, where you can discover a way to channel an ancient energy healing practice into your daily routine. We wrap up The Balance Issue with a deliciously comforting vegan take on an old classic recipe.  

Enjoy, yoke it all together, and get your balance on. We know we will!




Pictured above: Aaron Dias, photographed by Jill