Words: Aaron Dias // Images: Jill Futter

When the subtle body is unbalanced, so is the rest of the self. Teacher Aaron Dias gives us a sumptuous twenty-minute guided meditation to reset our chakras, from bottom to top--a perfect way to wrap up a balancing morning or evening practice that begins with this issue's At-Home Balancing Flow (Aaron's beautiful long-form essay on finding a balanced sense of love and friendship is up next in this issue, too).


In retrospect, Aaron Dias couldn't escape becoming a yoga teacher. From her childhood training in theater, dance and song; to her adolescent obsession with spirituality in all forms; to her teenage talent for teaching and tutoring; to her enthusiastic absorption in philosophy studies as a college student; to her predilection for hosting lively gatherings, all of these seemingly disparate roads have led to the present.

Aaron has been deeply influenced by many incredible teachers in her 14 years of sincere yoga studies.  She is endlessly grateful to each one.  Among her main influences over the years, she would like to especially thank the following:  Lesley DesaulniersAdyashantiJonathan FitzgordonKelly MorrisRaghunathMaria CutronaAmanda HardingVenerable PhuntsokSharon SaltzbergKimberly TheresaLama Marut, and Lauren Imparato.